Friday, April 30, 2010

CedIME 1.1.1 更新

修改的還是昨天的實體按鍵問題,千算萬算想不到還是算漏了一個 camera 鍵。這次改變了做法,希望不會再有其他鍵按不了。(感謝 Eddy 及 Frankie 回報)



艾力 said...

the word choice strip is blocking the main app window and make some button unclickable at times (e.g. the word choice strip will block the "send" button in gmail app). Would be great to fix that~

William said...

Great application for Chinese input, by the way, is there a way to turn off "full stop" or "period" after number input? Normally in quick text such as "I have 2 kids", your IME automatically add a period "." after 2, and you consider set it as optional features? Thanks