Friday, May 14, 2010

CedIME 1.1.5 更新

- Correct a minor bug where English Auto-correction default chosen word is incorrect.
- 注音鍵盤排列小改動。


Nikkor said...

Thanks for your update. Typing comment by CedIME. One more suggestion. In the type box of nexus one's browser, there's search function built in. But the keyboard layout removed spacebar, which made searching more than 1 word impossible. As the comma has little use in website input, I suggest remove comma and add spacebar.

艾力 said...

The "word choice strip" is still blocking the actual app content in general (e.g. the buttons in gmail app, using Milestone)

Can this be fixed?

Cedric said...

@Nikkor: soon to be available
@艾力: soon to be fixed